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Waec 2017 Free Dyeing and Bleaching Questions And Answers


1a)Tie- dye can be defined as a process of hand-dyeing fabric, in which sections of the fabric are tightly bound, as with thread, to resist the dye solution, thereby producing a variegated pattern.

1b) tabulate
i)Tie-dye: Hot water is mostly used for dyeing. Batik: Cold water is mostly used for dyeing to prevent the melting of wax in dye solution.

ii)Tie-dye: Production takes less time. Batik: Production requires longer time

iii tie-dye: Less money is required in purchasing materials for production. Batik: Requires more money to purchase materials for production.

-Drop cloth.
-Paint Tray
-Paint Roller & Refills
-Small Brushes
-Paint scraper
-Bristle Brush


2a)Starch Resist is any starch or
starch digestion products that are not digested and absorbed in the stomach or small intestine and pass on to the large intestine. Starch Resist is formed when starch -containing foods are cooked and cooled, such as pasta.

2b)-Wax or paste
-Paper stencils

2c)-Mix starch with cold water until the particles are broken/dissolved.
– Boil water, pour into the starch solution and stir.
– Allow the solution to cool to form a paste.
– Paste is ready for use.


4a)Harmonious color are color schemes that use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs. Harmonious color schemes are often found in nature and are Analogous and pleasing to the eye.

4b) -Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints.
-It is also achieved by adding white and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker color, grey or black.

4ci) -White


6a)Pattern can be defined as arepeated decorative design and a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done.
It is a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.

6b)-Half drop repeat
– Brick repeat
– Stripe repeat
-Spot repeat
-Mirror repeat

6c) -They are repeated designs
-They are dominant
-They are the mostly used designs


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