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Dear Naijaloadites, Your Relationship Is As Good As Dead If You Don’t Give Head

S-ex is the only unique thing you’re meant to share with your spouse and nobody else; so you always have to make it bang!

And for a lot of women, a great and vital component of making that happen getting is amazing, oral s-ex.

While the totality of foreplay is important, it’s not news that a solid head game is largely more important than all other forms of foreplay.

“Once I know that he does not do oral s-ex, I’m not even going to think about it,” says Milo, who speaks with our researcher in anonymity.

This confirms what we already know; guys you can’t afford to not lick your woman’s plate.

It’s actually one of the biggest crimes you can ever commit during s-ex.

It is so important to women’s s-exual satisfaction that quite a number of women have been heard to say good head can actually replace s-ex for them.

It’s not non-stop action and endless pumping, guys, just head.

It is such an easy, obvious trick that women have relentlessly taught and it’s really frustrating for a lot of them if you do not.

This could actually cause you a lot of problems in the relationship especially if you somehow expect to get head from her while you won’t return the goodness.

S-experts have been known to also advise that it is better to make your woman cum before you, and one easy way to do this is by going down on her.

Your woman’s pleasure should always be your priority if you hope to have a great s-ex life, and by implication, establish a solid base of happiness in your relationship.

Even if your partner doesn’t care that much about it, it still does not hurt to go down on her. And sometimes do it without expecting her to do same to you.

You will be surprised at how different your s-ex life and relationship will be. She’ll be happier, she’ll glow and she won’t nag and be moody as she always tends to be.

If on the other hand you refuse to acknowledge this need or act on it, your chances of holding on to that relationship and all the good things in it takes a huge hit.

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