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Help!! I Love My Girlfriend, But Her Body Odour Could Not Allow Me Get Close To Her

Hey Guys!

Its always like the end of the world when you or someone you love so much is hit with the problem of body odour! 

I and Tolani were very good childhood friends, her parent lived next to our house but because we attended the same school, we became so close that she did spend most of her time in our own house.

We played together, studied together, ate together, for a fact, we are best of friends.

Just after my 15th birthday, my parents announced that I will be traveling to the UK to complete my Education. The day I left Nigeria was the first day I saw Tolani shed tears, I could not help but cried too because she was my very best friend at that time.

On my way to the airport, we both concluded that we’ll always be in touch with each other no matter what.

While I was away, we did talk for several hours on phone, we chatted, sent pictures and the love began to grow despite the distance.

Our relationship began to wax stronger to the point that, all my thinking was to finish my education, come back to Nigeria, get married to Tolani and take her along with me to the UK.

After my graduation, I headed straight to Nigeria with happiness written all over my face that I am going to meet the love of my life. As I touched down Lagos Airport, I could recognize her very well from afar, she is even more beautiful than the pictures and what I have been seeing in video calls.

The moment I hugged Tolani for a warm welcome, I perceived a kind of unpleasant smell all over her body, a smell like that of a rotten egg. With full force, I pushed her away and vomited on the spot. I couldn’t believe it 

“Why didn’t you tell me you have body odour all the while, Why?” I asked angrily! 

She couldn’t say a word, she was just crying uncontrollably. My mother approached me and said:-

“Sorry my son, we’ve tried all possible means to get rid of her body odour but all efforts proved abortive. I guessed she must have missed you so much, that’s why she rushed to hug you forgetting her condition”.

My mum further explained to me that, it was few years after I traveled that her parents noticed the strange odour all over her body, they had tried everything but didn’t work out. So it was difficult for her to have friends or even boyfriend. I was her only companion!

I felt pity for Tolani but I could not move closer to her  My Parents had fallen in love with her since we were kids. She was just like a daughter and she has a very nice parent and family members too.

At this point, I was left in a dilemma, I love Tolani so much but her body odour is something I can’t deal with for a minute not to talk about living with it for the rest of my life.

Our long distance relationship still remained long distance because we couldn’t get closer. If we have to talk, we maintain long distance so that I won’t vomit. I sought for series of help but nothing worked.

I recommended regular bath and ordered for perfumes and other exotic brands of Roll-On from England, not even one of them solved the problem.

In the middle of the struggle, I remembered Stephen, one of my Nigerian friends in the UK who had the same issue but was rescued by the school health department.

We didn’t know what his secret was but just noticed his body odour turned from worse to nice. I quickly reached out to him through Skype, I told him about my situation and he brought out the product that banished his own long-term body odour.

Lo and Behold! The product happens to be 

Rexona Roll On 

Rexona is the most advanced formulation that uses unique odour control technology to fight bad odour produced from sweats or other body tissues and makes you stay ever fresh with the nice smell.

That was how my girlfriend started Using Rexona Roll-On and now we are living happily.

I put it to you today that, the love is not yet complete until you smell nice to your partner. It’s very important, Get Rexona Roll-On Today!

To buy Rexona Roll On visit their website here >>

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