2018/19 Waec Gce Literature-In-English Questions And Answers Now Ready

Literature OBJ:


Yaremi is the novel’s protagonist and heroine. She is Ajumobi’s widow. Much of the story in Lonely Days revolves around her. Yaremi’s humiliation, loneliness and struggle for survival in Kufi are a microcosm of the plight of widows in the larger society.

Her character is that of a hardworking and assertive widow undaunted by societal pressures. Through Yaremi’s character, the author celebrates the beauty, industry, talent and resilience of the African woman.

Though her marriage to Ajumobi was not entirely perfect as they fought on some occasions, she loved her husband nonetheless. The author also uses Yaremi’s character to portray the dilemma most widows face when considering a second marriage. Through her character, one understands that a widow’s remarriage comes with so many unanswered questions….
Fear is the dominant emotion that the novel’s protagonist Bigger feels. Fear results from the lack of power to control one’s own situation. The protagonist  of Native Son is especially fearful of white people and the power they wield over him—ordinary white people, wealthy white people, white people who control the legal and justice system.

As the novel progresses, we realize that Bigger’s fear is symbolic of similar fear felt by much of black society. Fear also leads to terrible and unintended consequences; the protagonist’s fear leads him to hurt his friends and even murder two women.
Section a
(2) Mute is a non governmental organisation that looking into the matter of fighting the misused of children and street child. They investigated the death of Baby T and also help Fofo. They work in hand with a radio presenter sylv Po in achieving their aims and the organization was been headed by Dina, who later took in Fofo and help her learn a trade since Fofo refused to continued her education. Due to the little information provided by Fofo about her family they were able to locate her house. Getting to her house, they came across a grandma (Naa Yomo) who told them Maa Tsuru (Fofo and Baby T’s mother) was a cursed woman. Due to the information gotten from the entire family and neighborhood, they were able to discover mystery behind Baby T death and help Fofo.

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