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Democracy is defined as a form of government in which the people exercise
their governing power either directly or through representatives
periodically elected by them.
(i) Good government : There much be in place a good government tested
and acceptable leadership
(ii) willingness : A successful operation of democracy depends on the
people willingness and desire.
(iii) Rule of law: The government should be organize based on the
provisions of the constitution and both the government and the people
should show respect for the rule of law
(iv) Openness : The activities of the government must not be hidden but
open for the people to appreciate and criticize.
(v) Free and fair election: The conduct of any election should be
devoid of intimidation,harassment etc. The people should be free
to exercise their franchise.
State may be defined as a politically organized body of people
inhabiting a defined geographical entity with an organized
legitimate government
(i) Permanence : The state remains a permanent feature Government
can change many times but a state remains permanent
(ii) A defined territory : a state has a defined territory with a limit
to its size. It must have clearly defined boundaries, separating it
from others.
(iii) Government : Though government is not a permanent feature of
a state but it remains a significant feature because it is a
machinery set up by the state.
(iv) Sovereignty : The Supreme power to make decisions and enforce
same on the people is with the state
(v) Population : This is an important attribute of a state. For a
state to be a state. There must be a given number of people making
up the entity.
(vi) Recognition : A state must be recognized both internally and
Legitimacy of government is a political concept which refers to the
acceptance and recognition by the citizens of a country, the right
of their rules to govern.
(i) Good government
(ii) customs and tradition
(iii) foreign policy objectives
(iv) ideology
(v) charisma of the leader
(i) Direct election
(ii) Indirect election
(iii) By-election
(iv) Run-off election
(v) Primary election
(vi) Referendum
free and fair elections is an election conducted according to the
principles and rules of democracy, this simply means that, the people
of a given country must be free, without coercion, to elect their
leader under conditions that is most favorable and conducive.
(i) Divided into constituencies
(ii) Preparation of voters register
(iii) counting of votes
(iv) independence electoral commission
Pressure group is defined as organized groups, which influence government
decisions socially or economically, without necessarily entering into
election activities for the control of government.
(i) offer useful suggestions
(ii) promote economics stability
(iii) welfare services
(iv) provisions of manpower bank
(v) promoting members interest