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Leguminous crops

(a) There is 5 lumbar vertebrae in Man
(b) There is 7 lumbar vertebrae in Rabbit

The last premolar in the lower jar and the first molar in the lower jar are large and modified to for carnassials teeth in Dog

– In cross fertilization and self fertilization
– In sexual and asexual reproduction

Inferior Vena cana

Simple diffusion

– It must be moist
– It must have adequate supply of transport medium eg blood
– It must have large surface area to aid easy diffusion of gases

(a) Parallel venation
(b) Parallel venation

(a) Tubulinea
(b) Arachnida
(c) Liliopsida
(d) Magnoliopsida – dicotyledons

– Supratidal or splash zone
– Benthic zone


It is the population divided by total land area or water volume, as appropriate.

– Diabetic Mellitus
– Gall stone
– Cancer of the liver
– Infective Hepatitis
– Thyroid hormones and calcitonin
– Testosterone



Specimen A is flamboyant/pride of Barbados


Flamboyant flower diagram

– They enclose and protect the other floral part when the flower is in the bud stage
– They also attract insects, if green makes plant food
Petals: They attract insects which pollinate flower

A is the reproductive stri of flowering plant

– Ovary: Inferior ovary
– Pistil : Monocarpus pistil


– Specimen B – Cassava
– Specimen C – cocoyam (corn)
– Specimen D – Carrot

– Cassava is propagated by cuttings
– Cocoyam is propagated by vegetative means
– Carrot is propagated from seeds

– E is terrestrial/aquatic habitat
– F is terrestrial habitat

– Possession of webbed back feet help them dig into the soil in cold temperature
– Possession of bulged eye for sure sight

– They both possess a pair of eyes
– They both possess shank
– They both have head


– Specimen G is boiled egg of a bird (fowl)
– Specimen H is scapula/shoulder blade of a small mammal

It is located on the upper part of the posterolacteral aspect of the thorax

Calcium and protein

Draw a well labeled diagram of internal features of a boiled egg of a bird (fowl)


– Colour blindness
– Tongue rolling
– Body statue or shape
– Size of nose, head and ear

(a) Ecosystem is a basic functioning unit in nature. It is made up of living organisms (plants and animals) and their non-living environment
(b) Tropic level also called feeding level is defined as the feeding level or each stage in a food chain or food web
(c) Succession is defined as the process by which the structure of a biological community evolves over time.

(a) Green grass –> Grasshopper –> Toad –> Snake
(b) The biological implication of killing all available snakes in the environment is that, it results to population explosion in the prey species (ie toad)

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