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2020 WAEC Gce English answers






(i)Rural – Urban drift is responsible for the rising cost of food

(ii)Lack Of social of infrastructure in the rural area also causes the rising cost of food

(iii)Lack of financial support to farmers engender the rising cost of food.

(iv)Inadequate land in the suburbs of city also causes the rising cost of food

(v)Political violence brings about the rising cost of food

(vi)Lack of good road network also contribute to the rising cost of food
People generally mean discipline is using the cane on children or individuals that commit an offence

It mean the person lacks self control, orderliness , obedience, and cooperation

A student that lacks discipline will be negligent of his studies and fail eventually

They will amass wealth unnecessarily

Thee writers view is that people idea of discipline is erroneous

It is rhetorical question

Adverbial clause

It modifies the verb “will be”

(i) conception — thinking
(ii) sanction — punishment
(iii) consequences — result
(iv) harmony — Unity
(v) objective — goal
(vi)a tiny — a minute

For over a week Mr X has contacted me for an In-house training for his staff on TEAM BUILDING and PEAK PERFORMANCE. Just yesterday we finally scheduled a formal meeting to discuss on the terms and other matters. We fixed the meeting for today, Tuesday, 12th March, 2013. Venue: At his Surulere office. Time: 10:00am prompt.
I woke up this morning, happy and prepared to meet my new client. I was at this client’s Ogunlana Drive Surulere office at exactly 9.30am. I met his secretary who told me that her boss is not yet in the office. 9.45am, I called Mr X to inform him that I am at the reception waiting to meet him as we agreed. To my surprise, it has escaped his memory that we even had an agreement to meet this morning. But he made a solemn promise to be there in office in the next 30minutes. I agreed.
Let me cut this narrative and save you the time of reading a long and annoying experience. This man never showed up. After another 20minutes grace, he never showed his face so I left to have a quick brunch at a nearby Tantalizer ( fast-food). While I was having my meal, I called him that I have left his office but at a Tantalizer near his office. In case he is fast he can meet me there. Again, he made yet another unfulfilled promise. This time that he will join me in 10minutes. It is 2.30pm I am back to work. So annoyed. Still no text message or return call from this CEO to at least apologise for wasting my productive time or (to make another laughable promise or flimsy excuse, maybe to calm infuriated nerves). In business, time is a very important factor. A very core element. Punctuality is very influential. How late , early or timely you show up for that business meeting, interview, project defense, pitch / proposal presentation has a way of influencing decisions to your favor or against you. Being late for any kind of business engagement portrays you as irresponsible and cast doubt on your reliability.

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