Scorned Wife Disgraces Her Husband’s Mistress In Public (Photos)

A furious wife dragged her husband’s mistress around by the hair in a busy street. Dozens of people gathered to watch as the wife scolded the young lover, yelling ‘I’ve told you before. Leave our family alone!’ and hitting her in the face. The shocking incident happened in the city of Hanzhong in China.

The enraged wife – who was barefoot – demanded that the mistress – should explain herself while dragging her around by her long locks. At one point she swung the woman onto the ground.

The Cheat!ng husband tried to intervene and told her: ‘Don’t hit her! It has nothing to do with her. Let go!’

But a female bystander helped pull him away.

Meanwhile the incensed wife maintained a firm hold on the young woman, who can be seen desperately trying to break free from her iron grip.

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