This Is Reason Why Tony Tetuila Quit The Remedies Music Group

Tony Tetuila

Veteran Nigerian music artiste Tony Tetuila has finally opened up on the reason why he left the defunct music group Remedies which was made up of him, Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the singer said he didn’t regret leaving the music group at the time he did. According to him he had to leave after enduring years of insults from group mates, Eedris and Eddy and also that he needed to show the world that he was capable of making good music

He said:

“I felt so bad at a time and I couldn’t take the insults I was getting from Eedris and Eddy any longer. I just thought it was better I left. I thank God for my life today because I have made an impact in the music industry.

“I needed to show everyone that I could do it alone and I have done it alone. So, leaving the group then was not a big deal. It has happened. I think what happened is the will of God for us and we cannot change anything God has ordained.”

Tetuila, however, admitted that he missed the unity they once shared as a group. According to him, they were always together and it was fun whenever they attended shows.But he however mentioned that quitting the group was more like a blessing in disguise.

He said:

“It just happened that things went bad along the way. Then, we did everything together and we supported each other. But you know in life, some disappointments are blessings in disguise. When I left, I challenged myself and I worked harder to prove a point. Walking away made me stronger. I started singing in my own way and in the best way I felt my fans would like it. I think quitting Remedies was a blessing for me.”

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