100% 2017/2018 Neco Gce Agric / Agricultural Sci Obj and Theory Questions and Answers Now Available


(i)It makes it difficult for federal government to acquire land
(ii)Land acquisition now lies on few rich individuals
(iii)The state government can abuse his power by revoking the certificate of occupancy prematurely
(iv)It creates room for irregularities as many land speculators may backdate land agreement before the decree

(i) Population increase: the increase in population reduces the size of land available to the farmers and this eventually leads to low productivity or yield.
(ii) Land tenure system: the type of land tenure system in most west African nations does not make land available for commercial agriculture. The land tenure system either result in reduced farm land or non-availability of land.
(iii) Topography: the shape of the land can affect the availability of land. If the land is sloppy, swampy, hilly, e.t.c such land may not be suitable for farming.
(iv) Cultural practices: cultural practices like bush burning, shifting cultivation, e.t.c can make land unavailable for agriculture
(v) Soil type: the type of soil determines whether such land will be available for agriculture. If the soil is mainly sandy, such land will not be suitable for farming.

(i) Reducing compaction from heavy machinery
(ii) helping to create better soil structure
(iii) preventing soil structure damage created by working wet field

(i) clean planter with a pressure water or high pressure air especially important to wash off all starter fertilizer to prevent erosion
(ii) save all new planter for warranty use referral
(iii)store in a cool dry place
(iv) remove seed plate door


Agricultural pollution refers to biotic and abiotic byproducts of farming practices that result in contamination or degradation of the environment
and surrounding ecosystems, and/or
cause injury to humans and their
economic interests.

(i)Pesticide leaching.
(ii)Leaching, runoff, and eutrophication.

(i)Population increase
(ii)Land tenure system
(iv)Cultural practices

(i)Irrigation and Rainfall
(iii)Temperature Increases
(iv)Carbon Dioxide Increase

(i)biotic and abiotic factors interact in the same fashion.
(ii)The sole purpose is to promote and
continue life.
(iii)The continuation of any given biosphere is the interworking of bacteria, sunlight.
(iv)the CO2, the soil, the fauna, the rain and all else that compromises the given environment.


(i)Dairy cattle ie White fulani,Jersey,Ayrshere ,red poll etc
(ii)Beef cattle ie Sokoto gudali,Red bororo,Rahaji,Ndama etc
(iii)All purposes ie Muturu,Shuwa,Azawal,Biu etc

-A good reason to cull a bird is if it is very aggressive and severely wounding other animals.
-culling helps to reduce feed costs of poor producers

-To reduce the risk of injury and bruising to herd mates
-To prevent financial losses from trimming damaged carcasses caused by horned feedlot cattle during transport to slaughter

Causative organism:Bacteria(Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
Mode of transmission:Breathing of air contaminated germs,Feed and water contaminated with droppings and litters
Symptom:Loss of weight
Control measure:Vaccination

Scoop net

-Sun drying

-Put on protective clothing to avoid getting stung
-Avoid excessive smoking of the hive
-Never frighten the bees as this makes them wild to sting
-Never crush bees as this makes the whole colony excited


Agricultural extension is the application of scientific research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education

(i) He must be a good listener
(ii) Must be patient with the people
(iii) Must be honest and transparent
(iv) Originality in thought, word and action

(i) mobilization of saving
(ii) provision of investment avenue
(iii)proper regulation of funds to agricultural
(iv) speed up the agricultural growth and development
(v) capital formation

(i) Agricultural advancement is necessary for improving the supply of raw materials for the agro-based industries especially in our developing country.
(ii) The progress in agricultural sector
provides surplus for increasing the
exports of agricultural products.
(iii) Agricultural goods and industrial production and a consequent increase in the general price
(iv) Agricultural sector is the backbone of
an economy which provides the basic
ingredients to mankind
(v) Agricultural output and productivity tend to contribute substantially to an overall economic development of the country

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