Funke Akindele’s Step Daughter, Son and Husband (Photos)

There are a lot of rumors about Funke Akindele kids. Some say that she has twins, others claim that the famous actress is childless. Well, we will tell you all the known information about this issue.

What do we know about Funke Akindele kids and her life?

Jenifa or Funke Akindele is a talented, beautiful, Nigerian actress who is recognized in the world. She was born in 1977 in Lagos. She studied Mass Communication at Ogun State Polytechnic. Funke worked as a journalist and became a wonderful actress. Her first big fame came in 2009 after her lead role in the movie “Jenifa.” She is currently married London based Nigerian music producer, Abdul Rasheed Bell popularly known as JJC Skillz. The couple have been married since 2016.

At present time Aunke Akindele doesn’t have her own children, but she has step-children of her husband JC Skillz. She treats her step-children as her own and they have super good relationships.

Funke Akindele daughter is 20-year-old Tamira, Funke Akindele son are 12-year-old Josiah and 17-year-old Benito. These children are from other women, but the family is very friendly and looks happy. Recently we witnessed how this family celebrated the fortieth birthday of JC Skillz. It was a big family holiday, the entire family was happy to congratulate a father and husband. See the photo below.


Recently, some rumors have appeared that a famous actress gave birth to twin children in London. Funke Akindele twins birth turned out to be fake report. Funke Akindele herself denied these rumors in an interview.

All the fans of Funke are still waiting for Funke Akindele child and we’ll continue to follow latest news about the famous actress and of course pray for her.

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