Nabteb 2018 Geography (Physical & Practical) Runz Questions And Answers

Two difference between Local time and standard time
(1) It is different time at different cities or states in a country
(2) It is usually taken from the longitudinal location of the town
(1) Is the time generally adopted by a county
(2) It is usually taken from the central meridian of that country.

(2b) ? long of town Y where is 1:00pm
When Greenwich time is 5:00?
Town Y? longitude (0)
| |
1:00pm 5:00pm

Time difference = 1:00pm -5:00 = 4hours
Covert 4 hours to longitude
Since 15ᵒ 1hour
Therefore; 4 hrs = 4×15ᵒ =60ᵒ
Since the arrow is pointing question mark ie west
Therefore Y is 60ᵒw

Four important of soil
(i) Agriculture: the soil provides the only medium through which agriculture is practiced to provide food for man
(ii) Building: all buildings are standard create on soil
(iii) Constructions: various forms of constructions like roads, industries, railways are constructed with soil and on the soil
(iv) Vegetables: all vegetation types form the basis on soil without soil, plants cannot get support and nutrient for growth
(v) Provision of minerals: the soil is the source of all minerals used by man.

Mass wasting (movement) is the movement (sliding falling or creeping) of rock materials from one place to another under the influence of gravity

Two types of mass wasting:
(i) Soil Creep: is a slow downward movement of soil materials down a gentle slope. This movement is added by water which acts as the lubricant. Alternate wetting and drying, heating and cooling of the soil are others factors that can promote soil creep
(ii) Rock fall: this occurs when large mass of rocks fall from a steep cliff. This type of mass wasting is the most rapid of all.

(i)it can lead to loss of farmlands
(ii) it can also result to development of settlement
(iii) It can cause disruption of transportation network
(iv) It can lead to flitting of electric and telegraph pole
(v) It can lead to loss of soil fertility

Geography information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of geographical data

(i) Satellite image
(ii) Existing map
(iii) Land surveys
(iv) Aerial photograph

(i) Determination of actual location of place
(ii) Provision of support for raster data
(iii) Making of Aerial and satellite imagery
(iv) Removal of distraction from or photograph
(v) Determination of map orientation

Two uses of GIS
(i) Gis store data in data base and represent it visually In a mappled for mat e.g google map, yahoo mp
(ii) Gis can be a great planning and decision making tools for telecom industries
(iii) It helps accident and hotspot analysis
(iv) Gis technology is used to analysis the urban growth and it’s direction of expansion

Four Establishment where Gis equipment is used:
(i) Tele communication industries
(ii) Hospitals
(iii) Transportation industries
(iv) Agricultural industries
(v) Monitoring of water ways
(vi) Also available in banking industries
(vii) Monitoring of water ways

Importance of GIS to Nigeria Economy:
(i) Telecommunication industry is one of the highest income earner for Nigeria economy
(ii) Weather forcast and analysis is very important tools for agriculture planning
(iii) Nigeria banking industries largely rely o GIS for efficiency

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