Top 5 Courses That You Might Regret Picking In 2018 Jamb

Deciding To sit for jamb is one thing, picking a course is another and getting admitted is also another thing .But the main purpose of sitting for jamb is to get admitted to a university or other school of your choice to study the course you desired. On this article,i will be listing out courses you may regret applying for in jamb 2018 best on experience. Not because they are not good, no never, just because but you need to know some disadvantages of picking them. Due to the competition,corruption in our universities and frustration you may face even after passing jamb with a fantastic score .
Important note: I’m not discouraging anyone from picking his/her dream course but be aware of the things you may face after picking them.
5. Nursing.
You may have the zeal,passion and everything to be a good nurse .All you wanted in life since childhood may have been to be a Nurse and you think its the right course for you.I can tell you the competition you will face if you pick this course in jamb is extremely high,you may end up been giving some courses with little future or hope in Nigeria.E.g paristology,Virology,Botany. just to mention a few.
4. Engineering Courses
The number of Nigerian students picking this courses year after year in jamb is always increasing,you may have a very good foundation in physics and mathematics but mind you there are thousands jostling for that same spot that are even better than you.You may pass jamb but still not gain admission due to the competition you will face in post UTME and this brings frustration.I had a friend who scored 249 in jamb, year 2015 and proceeded to write post UTME of his choice school guess what happened he was shocked when he got to the exam center and met some other students with very high scores than him, they were too numerous to count.Despite coming out with a good score in post jamb too, he was given another course after his thorough readings.When he told me i saw the sad look on his face. what a pity.
3. Pharmacy
The competition to get admitted to any university to study pharmacy in Nigeria,Is like a bicycle trying to move faster than a Lamborghini (lol), Its a nice course but are you willing to pay the price to read morning and night.Picking this course may have effects on your social life.You may spend 10 hours a day reading,the remaining hours praying and fasting.You finally sit for Jamb and because you have been tensed,scared and shaky during the Exam “you fail”or come out with very low scores.My sister et brother you are on your own.
2. Law
Its the dream of an average arts and humanities students to study law at prestigious universities In Nigeria,But my dear,”law no be beans” the stress you will pass through is high,You have to be not just brilliant but intelligent and an avid reader to get admitted even with a jamb high score.Every year law is the second most picked course in Nigeria,we have more than 100,000 students applying for very little space in our universities.This year over 4000 students applied for law at University of Lagos (unilag) just unilag and i bet you the university could not take more than 200 thats if there is space enough to accommodate up-to 200 students. (did you see this?)
1. Medicine
lol, if you notice I leave this to be the last, i don’t have to talk too much, Truth is medicine is one of the most difficult course to study in Nigerian universities.The competition is too high,just too high for anyone who is an average student to consider going for.Year in Year out its the number one most picked course in JAMB.You go through a lot of stress just to get admitted,even after passing jamb and post UTME if you are unfortunate which I pray you are not,you may be required to bribe university officials just to get admitted. Thats to tell you how tough it is.
I remember vividly well,in year 2009 a friend scored 291 in J.A.M.B he sat for post utme and cleared it too at a prestigious university in Nigeria.He thought he would be admitted but unfortunately he was told to pay a sum of 250,000 Naira and been that he wasn’t from a wealthy family he lost the admission.Medicine was his childhood dream but dreams alone can’t take us to some places we want to be in life.
this is the compilation of Top 5 courses that one might regret picking in Jamb 2018.
see you in the next article.

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