Verified Nabteb Gce 2017/2018 English Language Obj And Essay Questions And Answers Now Posted

English OBJ:

Each fighter had to go back and gather momentum for a head-to-head collision

(i) He aimed to improve his action after a few heads on collision by kicking his uncle in his chin frightfully

(ii) Makenda prevented this by rotating his clenched right hand aloft.

(i) To grab Makenda and throw him down.
(ii) He was beaten black and blue by his uncle who threw his back to his dust.
(iii) Because Makenda was stronger, cooler and Older than him.

(i) Nothing
(ii) She would have killed Mekanda

(i) Simile
(ii) It means Like an outdated or useless tool

(i) Adjectival clause
(ii) It qualifies the noun “chairs”

(i) hurled – threw
(ii) Merely – Barely
(iii) Ex-jailbird – Ex-convict
(iv) Scared – Frightened
(v) Effort – Attempt


(i) By waking up early in the morning, having a good bath and exercising
(ii) By eating good food to enjoy health and energy benefits

(i) By eating nutritional and good food for the body
(ii) By drinking sufficient water after every meal
(iii) By sleeping well and at the right time
(iv) By engaging in any kind of exercise to keep you fit and maintain weight to healthy level

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