What Words to Use When Toasting a Lady? See Them Here

What are the effective sweet words to toast a lady? Most likely, many people asked such question. Let’s find out, how to interest a girl and make her like you.


In the circumstances, it is possible to use several questions, which you will ask the pleasant girl. By means of them, it is possible to force to toast practically any person. So, do you know what to ask the girl? To invite the beautiful girl to date sometimes is very difficult. You should know that many beautiful girls treat flirtation very carefully and to get them is not absolutely easily as it seems at first sight. It is necessary to know that it is much simpler to toast her with words than to invite to the dating. Besides you rather easily will be able to force she to be confused, using simple sexual compliments. It isn’t always interesting to the girl to hear about the dating as she begins to think that you just want to get her. You should be careful, but not to forget curiosity and desire, without stopping at nothing. However, it is worth showing all the care! Some girls can fall in love very strongly.


Several moments, about which it is worth to remember at conversation

So, which words to use when toasting a lady? It is the best of all to start a conversation on something important while you sit near her. But in the case when she at the same time feels not too comfortably, then it isn’t necessary to show the persistence and haste. There is a probability of missing all the opportunities. And, most likely, you won’t be able to correct a situation. In the case when the communication is based on SMS messages, then there is always an opportunity to make of everything light if there is no reciprocity.


What is it necessary to know about words?

It is worth discussing at once how to say the compliments to the girl. For this purpose it isn’t necessary to strain strongly, selecting a suitable case. Girls like compliments by men, and it isn’t so important in what situation they were made. Just asking the questions, and attentively listening to answers, it is always possible to find an opportunity for a compliment.

By the way, in consideration of a question of love words to toast a lady, it is worth noticing that it is the best of all to ask all questions of sexual character at night. At such moments the imagination of woman becomes higher. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions to the beautiful girl, a lot of things depend also on how you will make them. For example, uncertainty asked the question: ‘What are you wearing now?’ – cannot only not bring closer to the purpose, but also distance from it. Besides, in spite of the fact that such question like ‘Are you alone?”, at first sight, doesn’t have anything sexual and toasting, it is worth knowing that it will allow defining that the girl is ready to flirtation. There are also some types of questions, which you can ask the girl:

• What are you doing now?

• Do you like to embrace, lying in a bed?

• What does look best of all in your opinion?

• What characteristic in man is pleasant for you?


Also, you can use sweet words to toast a lady on the internet. Some of them can be used offline.


  1. Each girl reacts in an own way when she receives the message from the man. But there are some tricks, which work for most of the girls well.
  2. Don’t make grammatical mistakes. If you send the message, be convinced that you use the correct grammatical rules. Don’t think that it is unimportant for the girl to whom you write. Try to avoid reductions and write without mistakes as girls not really love illiterate texts.
  3. Be always focused on contents of the message.
  4. Learn what is pleasant to her. All people are different. Therefore it is important to learn what is pleasant to your lady. If you seek for the development of intimate relations, it is very important for you to know what excites her.
  5. Draw images in her imagination. Use words so that she could present in her mind that you want to show her. Instead of the word touch, for example, use a soft touch. Anyway, the adverb or an adjective will never be excess.
  6. Tease her with the messages Girls love it, so use it. Play and continue to tease the girlfriend. Don’t allow her to miss and be not boring.
  7. Don’t forget to maintain her interest. Always finish your phrases so that she could manage to tell anything in answer irrespective of what she wants. If she asks how you have spent the day, be not limited to something banal like ‘Everything is OK’. It will hardly be pleasant to her. You risk being left without the answer.
  8. Ask questions correctly. Pictures have to appear in her mind. Ask her about intimate things. For example, ‘What are you wearing now’ or ‘how soft your underwear is?’ As such questions generate the pictures in her mind, you can be sure that she will begin to send you response messages.
  9. SMS work well when she goes to bed. Remember that at night the girl that you want usually goes to bed, or perhaps is even going to sleep. So send her messages when she is already in a bed. Any bed reminds about love caress. It can excite and force her to think about you beginning to flirt with her when she goes to bed.
  10. Be not afraid to flirt with her. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask her questions when you flirt with her. If at the same time anything doesn’t develop, you have to calm her, saying that all that you have told, was just a joke. At last, when she will begin to enjoy, she will begin to respond to your messages more freely.

As you see, it’s not very hard to toast the girl with words. All you need is to be gentle and kind, and not to forget about the sense of humor. Remember that any word has a meaning.

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